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19 мая 2021 года

12th Annual Scientific Conference "Russian diaspora in the countries of the East"

On May 19, 2021, the next annual scientific inter-institutional conference dedicated to the Russian diaspora in the countries of the East will take place.

We are going to consider comprehensive issues concerning the life of Russian migrants and our compatriots in the eastern countries of the world. Regional topics of the conference cover such large regions as: Middle East - countries of Western Asia and North Africa, Central Asia, Far East - countries of Northeast, East, Southeast and South Asia, countries of the South Pacific region - Australia, New Zealand, the island states of Oceania. In addition, plots related to Latin America as a new region included in the topics of our research are taken into consideration.

The following topics are relevant for research and presentation at the conference:

  • the history of the diaspora from its formation to the present: the reasons and characteristics of mass waves and current migration from Russia and the USSR at different historical stages;
  • determination of demographic, sociological and ethnocultural characteristics;
  • the role of the diaspora in the economic, political, scientific and cultural life of the host countries; the significance of the Russian diaspora as a bearer of oriental knowledge;
  • the role of the diaspora in international relations (forms of support or refusal in it);
  • problems of saving and spreading the Russian language and cultural traditions; the line between assimilation and integration into the society of the countries of residence;
  • Russian communities as a factor in uniting compatriots, cultural centers, mass media in Russian, links with the historical homeland and organizations of the Russian Federation;
  • the role and significance of the activities of religious organizations in the emigrant environment and the missionary activity of migrants in the East;
  • publication of archival sources and memoirs;
  • historiography of domestic and foreign studies.

Applications and brief abstracts of the presentation are accepted until April 30, 2021 inclusive and must contain the following information: full name of the speaker, degree, position, place of study / work, contact information (email address, tel.), title of the report. The application form is the same for all the participants.

The abstracts are published on the website of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences in electronic form, and must comply with the following design requirements:

  • Font Times New Roman, 14 point
  • Alignment of the main text in width, titles - in the center
  • Automatic indentation of paragraphs - 1.25 cm.
  • 1.5 space between lines
  • In the presence of citations or statistics, it is necessary to provide links to the source in the form of page footnotes. Footnotes are drawn up in accordance with standard rules. According to the new rules, when the Internet resource is mentioned, the date of the last visit is not set.
  • The volume of abstracts should be 4000-8000 characters (approximately 2-4 pages of Microsoft Word). Abstracts significantly exceeding this volume will be sent back to speakers for reduction.

Please note that abstracts are not indexed anywhere.

The format of the conference is intramural / extramural / remote. Due to the difficult epidemiological situation in the country, we are considering the option of holding a conference in a remote format on the Zoom platform.

For all questions, please contact Daria Sergeevna Panarina (daria2002panarina@gmail.com) or Ekaterina Mikhailovna Astafieva (katy-ast@yandex.ru).

We will be happy to welcome you at our conference!